Utterly boring, utterly obligated first post

Welcome, reader, to this carbonated blog. At the time of this writing - yes, this is the first post, and the blog is otherwise empty of content.

This blog will serve three purposes:

1) Give me some place to talk about my projects. They may be interesting to you, they may not be.
2) Let me brain-dump on some other stuff.
3) Give me an opportunity to see if I even _want_ to blog regularly, or just, in the end, delete this and call it another failed project. And in addition, help me discover _what_ I want to blog about, if anything.

So over the next few weeks, I imagine, it'll either die off, or I'll post content, tweak design, this and that.

Until I put time into developing the design of the site and have a better place for it, this post will also serve another purpose: Introduction:

Hi! My name's Greg Millam. Definitely a geek, and not likely to ever change that. Deaf, and that's not ever going to change, either. I have opinions, and I intend to dump them here. I also have projects, and they'll be going here as well. Sometimes the two will mix, other times I may post stuff here that I think would be important to be here. But for at least 1 month, I intend to blog, at minimum, twice per week, then re-evaluate if I want to continue after that month.

1 comment:

  1. Greg, I read your whole blog, in reverse order, and it's so delightfully YOU. I can just hear your voice when I read it. I miss you! And I think you should keep blogging. Not only is it interesting to me, but I'm going to point out several of your entries (if it's ok) to other people because I think you touch on a lot of subjects that are important. Like the need for interpreters. Or how to write a good resume. Or about losing your hearing gradually...remember, I know what that's like, also. So, well done! Please keep going! YAY! :)