One month of blogging: Redux

As I promised myself, it's been 1 month since I started blogging.

Have I succeeded in "blogging"? That depends on the definition of "success". For my own: I've enjoyed having a blog, and it does feel nice to get my projects out there, rather than bottled up on my laptop or server where they'd never see the light of day. It's caused me to push at least one project: CarBoundary, to github that I otherwise wouldn't. I also plan to push others to github just to make 'em public - there's no reason to keep 'em private!

In addition, part of the driving force behind bzwikipedia is that I'm planning another blog post announcing it. It's amusing, in a way: I made this blog to showcase what I've done, and now it's _driving_ something I'm doing!

Excepting the introductory post and this one, I have 11 posts by this time. However, what I don't have is any constructive criticism: Suggestions to talk about this, not talk about that, etc. I do hope, though, that that will come with readers. Not that I'm blogging for fame, it'd just be nice to have readers with opinions :D.

So for the time being, I'm going to ... Give it another month. Can I keep it up? It's already lasted longer and has more posts (and definitely more content) than my failed attempt at being social-networky with G+!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you like blogging, because you do have plenty of blogging potential. You dive into interesting projects that others might not have thought of. Or if they did, they might not have done anything about it.

    I'm sure contructive criticism will come eventually when some other people with similar interests stumble upon your blog and decide to follow you. The key word for getting possible readers is simply to continue blogging (and probably a bit of advertising). Nobody's looking at blogs that's updated a few years ago for the last time. This shouldn't be too tough, as you've shown that you don't need to do it daily. Just often enough to look active enough. ;)

    As for myself, I'm not sure if I can give constructive criticism very well, seeing as I don't really have the knowledge about the projects you're working on. Although, I suppose this comment could be seen as a constructive criticism in itself. ;)

    Also, if you're into it, you can automatically update Buzz, Twitter, et al, by pointing their respective RSS feed scanners to your blog. Those services were simply made to be white noise.